How PharmMade Got It's Start

How PharmMade Got It's Start

I had been working as a retail pharmacist while my husband was completing his plastic surgery residency.  I worked 14-hour days with no breaks and was being pushed to produce quantity over quality while filling prescriptions, leaving little to no time for actual patient care and education.  I had spent years learning and studying everything about drugs, diseases, the body, and how everything interacts, and I was hardly able to use any of it.  I wanted to spend more time helping and educating my patients but time and the environment just didn’t allow it and I got burnt out.  

So when my husband completed his training and moved us to Port Townsend to officially start his career, I took the opportunity to make a change and take a break from the hustle of retail pharmacy.  Influenced by the culture and mentality of Port Townsend and the surrounding area, I found renewed inspiration in the natural world. I returned to my pharmacy, chemistry, and biology roots to approach healthcare from the herbal medicine perspective.  The Olympic Peninsula has an abundance of medicinal plants and I started research and development into my own herbal remedies, looking for the chemicals and pharmaceuticals within plants themselves to create effective natural remedies for common ailments.

I started PharmMade on my own, making myself available to the community to develop custom products based on the needs of my customers. I was now able to listen to peoples’ concerns, create a relationship with them, and actually use my education to help them. 

Along this journey I found a passion for skincare while formulating remedies to treat my own skin related issues.  As part of a side effect of a medication I develop dark discolorations across my face.  I tried treating this discoloration with more prescription products that ended up creating even more skin reactions.  My self-confidence was at an all time low and as quiet and introverted as I am, I became even more so, embarrassed by the blemishes and quality of my skin.  After chasing my tail with conventional medicine I took my skin into my own hands to just get my skin healthy again.  This led me to create herbal skincare products that nursed my skin back to health.  Not only was it more healthy, but it looked better than ever and I wanted others to be able to experience that too. 

So now PharmMade is not only natural remedies for ailments like arthritis or headaches but for skincare too.  I’m back to loving what I do and actually being available to listen and help people to my full capacity. Today PharmMade has evolved to include my husband. With his plastic and cosmetic surgery background, he has extensive knowledge of the layers of skin and how they are affected by aging and wounds and how best to manage it.  While he mainly works in the background of PharmMade, in support of my vision, we work synergistically as practitioners that value education over pushing products or procedures.  While we truly believe in the products I have created, our primary focus will always be on patient/customer care and working together to determine what is best for every unique individual.

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