An introduction to our founder

An introduction to our founder

     I am a pharmacist first and foremost. I do not purport to cure any illnesses with my products or information. I strongly believe everyone should see a doctor for any illness or ailment. These products and information are not a substitute for pharmaceutical, surgical, or emotional care. In addition, I believe it is highly important that you consult with your doctor before adding any herbal supplements to your daily routine. Furthermore, as a pharmacist, I am asked for alternative recommendations on a daily basis, so I am using this platform to share my knowledge of the subject from a scientific background. 

     The most interesting part of pharmacy, to me, is how drugs work inside the body, adjusting pathways, effecting changes in chemicals, resulting in the desired outcomes.  This carries over to the plant world.  Plants are made up of chemicals and pathways just like us, and it is in the isolation and extraction of these natural chemicals where herbalism takes root...pardon the pun.  I enjoy the scientific process of rendering plants into their most useful form, and seeing how they can alter the body.  I'm not here to preach herbalism, or to change anyone's mind about alternative vs. western medicine, I just like making things, learning new things, and sharing that knowledge.  You can do with it what you want.

     Enough of the seriousness!  My name is Lisa.  I have a degree in Biology and a Doctorate of Pharmacy.  I've worked in retail pharmacy since I graduated and am currently enjoying some time away from the 14-hour shifts without bathroom or meal breaks, and constant pressure to generate quantity rather than quality in healthcare.  I am a dog mom to a very grumpy, although adorable, walrus named Jelly (because she's very jiggly).  When I'm not foraging or creating salves and lotions, I love traveling, hiking, and woodworking, of all things.  Maybe I'll share some of that here too!



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