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Saturate Dry & Cracked Skin Cream

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Soothe rough and dry skin with this ultra-moisturizing cream, without an oily residue. This remedy is a carefully curated blend of natural herbs and botanicals specifically chosen to soothe irritated skin, hold in moisture, boost cell turnover, make skin brighter, and get rid of dry, flaky, cracked skin. Works great for cracked heals and rough hands.*

Directions: Massage into rough or cracked skin as often as needed. Do not apply to open skin or wounds.

Ingredient Spotlight:

Aloe: Soothes and keeps skin hydrated.
Plantain: Removes toxins and waste products from the skin to promote healing.
Horsetail: A natural source of silica, which aids in the production of collagen, to speed healing and create strong, supple skin.
Rosehip: Provides antioxidant activity to help the natural regeneration of skin.

2 oz container: a little goes a long way!

Will come in a 2 oz glass jar.

Helichrysum gives this moisturizer a pleasant floral scent, with tropical undertones from citrus essential oils. NO ADDED FRAGRANCE.

Full Ingredients:
aloe vera, shea butter, rapeseed oil conditioner (BTMS), plantain oil, horsetail oil, rose, lavender, calendula, green tea, lemon powder, arnica oil, coconut palm tree extract (cetyl alcohol), glycerin (vegetable), lactobacillus ferment, coconut fruit ferment, helichrysum oil, turmeric essential oil, lemon essential oil, orange essential oil, rosehip seed oil.